Artistic urban journey_

Mapping City Stroll

Dates :

November 19th to 29th

Everyday from 10am to 10pm except a selection of installations from 5pm to 10pm

We’re setting up for you an urban artistic journey to discover installations exhibited in shop windows of various places now closed – bars, hairdressers, art galleries, offices – in order to keep them busy and alive, and to brighten up the city despite everything. Everything will be visible from the outside: the opportunity to enjoy a nice small winter walk! The best moment to appreciate the artworks are in the evening because of the low luminosity. Please note that some of the installations are visible only by night from 5pm to 10pm! Otherwise, you can admire them from 10am to 10pm everyday.

A huge thanks to all the artists and all the places that welcomed us for this 16th edition!

Artists: Adrien Boulanger / Alexandre Burdin / Camille De Dieu / CENC / David Bouvard / Dasha Ilina / Encor Studio / Equipe MadMapper / Felix & Yiema / François Moncarey / Guillaume Marmin / Heike Fiedler / Laurent Novac / Marta Revuelta / Mika Ventura / Paul Vivien / Sarah Madrane / Studio Z1 / Vincent Schambacher / 1024 Architecture

Places:  Bongo Joe / Bureau culturel / CODHA – Éco-quartier de la Jonction / Ne passez pas là / DOM hairstyling / Fluxum Foundation / Foound / Halle Nord / Qafé Guidoline / La Petite Reine / Le Café Des Volontaires / Le Commun / Le MEG / Le Kraken / Superposition