AI Facial Profiling / Levels of Paranoia – Marta Revuelta 

AI Facial Profiling / Levels of Paranoia – Marta Revuelta 

AI Facial Profiling / Levels of Paranoia – Marta Revuelta 

AI Facial Profiling / Levels of Paranoia – Marta Revuelta 

AI Facial Profiling / Levels of Paranoia – Marta Revuelta 

AI Facial Profiling / Levels of Paranoia – Marta Revuelta 


AI Facial Profiling / Levels of Paranoia – Marta Revuelta

Dates :

November 19th to 27th : 11am – 6pm (closed on Monday)

Performance schedule:

November 19th : 6pm – 10pm

November 20th : 2pm – 5pm

November 21st : 2pm – 5pm

November 27th : 2pm – 5pm

Location :

Le Commun

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AI Facial Profiling – Levels of Paranoia

Biometric-based surveillance systems are becoming the basis for a wide range of identification and profiling solutions in the fields of security and defense, offered by governments and businesses across the world.

“AI Facial Profiling, Levels of Paranoia” is inspired by recent psychometric research articles that claim that artificial intelligence can detect a person’s criminal potential based solely on a picture of their face, and takes the world of guns as a starting point.

The device consists of a camera-gun that captures faces and a machine with artificial intelligence and a mechatronic system that classifies profiled people into two categories, depending on the threat they might represent to security.  

The project focuses on profiling systems that incorporate AI and explores the invasive and invisible nature of these “smart artefacts” that work so well for pattern detection, classification and prediction. Coupled with the notion of “enchanted determinism”, the artwork draws attention to the discourse that presents deep learning techniques as magical, yet also deterministic, as they can analyze the biometric characteristics of a person to draw personality traits that can be predictors of behavior and thus discern subtle patterns of “suspect” personality types.

Between fiction and reality, the experiment takes the public as a starting point for critical reflection and aims to reveal the status of these AI-powered surveillance technologies and their disturbing and problematic effects. In addition, this project seeks to demystify the “oracle effect” surrounding these profiling systems used to classify humans, which reinstates old forms of social and racial segregation, bringing forth the debate about algorithmic bias and the legitimisation of discrimination through technology.


AI Facial Profiling

Marta Revuelta is an artist and a designer who lives and works in Geneva. Her artistic practice appropriates and associates elements from scientific research in artificial intelligence, algorithms of machine learning, and computer vision while using mechatronics, software programming, and biometric technologies to inquire fundamental ethical questions regarding the moments of drift or misuses, the limits and the status of these technological artifacts driven by AI used in the field of security and defense. Through her work, she tries to make algorithmic systems, characterized by their total opacity, more tangible and perceptible, to reveal their mechanisms and explore their impacts, halfway between critical design and art, engineering, and data science. She is co-founder of the collective Bureau de Crise, a research platform of concerned artists, security engineers, and researchers who map out privacy issues in our society and act collectively on self-empowerment in the digital world.