des arts
et déviants


Le Commun

Rue des bains 34
1205 Genève

Arrêt Bain / Bus 19-2
Arrêt Ecole Medecine / Bus 1
Arrêt Cirque / Tram 14-15


Boulevard Carl-Vogt 65,
1205 Genève

Arrêt Musée d’Ethnographie / Bus 2-19

Le Pneu

Rue du Vélodrome 14
1205 Genève

Arrêt Sainte-Clotilde / Bus 2-19
Arrêt Jonction / Tram 14

Fab Lab Onl’fait


Chemin des Sports 87

1203 Genève, Suisse

Arrêt Les Ouches / Bus 6-19-51

SDG Solution Space

Avenue de Sécheron 15

1202 Genève

Sanitary measures – Covid 19

In accordance with the requirements of the Canton of Geneva, a health plan will be established for each festival venue and each specific activity, in order to supervise the reception of the public and to allow everyone to enjoy the festival in complete safety. 

Pillars of the protection plan:

  • Collection of personal data: mandatory registration for all spectators on the application.
  • Hand hygiene: a compulsory hand sanitizer station will be set at the entrance and exit of each festival venue. 
  • Cleaning: regular disinfection of all surfaces and objects in contact with the participants.
  • Face masks: mandatory when standing or walking, as well as for every event where social distancing measures cannot be observed.
  • Reduced capacity: the gauge of each venue will be adapted to the cantonal and federal directives in force during the period of the festival.
  • Flow of spectators: in le Commun, the visit of the exhibition follows a pre-established route, unidirectional from entrance to exit, in order to avoid spectators from crossing paths.


The Mapping Festival team is well informed of all Covid-19 measures and requirements; members of the team will be present at each event to ensure the correct application of the protection plan.